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Special gold jewelry – a glimpse into the world of unique jewelry!

Gold Pendants

The gold that has always been a favorite of the audience stars not only as an ancient coin and a prestigious material, but also as a major star in the creation of spectacular unique jewelry.

Beyond the classic necklaces and banal earrings hides a magical world of special gold jewelry, groundbreaking and vibrant jewelry, jewelry that tells fascinating stories through unique designs, surprising combinations of materials and a deep connection to emotion and soul.

The unique gold jewelry has the power to upgrade our appearance and make us feel beautiful, glamorous and impressive. They have real value, they are of high quality, they are durable, they combine beauty and monetary value and they are suitable for people who want to enjoy the beauty of the jewelry without worrying about wear and tear.

Looking for jewelry that will be more than a fashionable accessory? A piece of jewelry that will evoke memories, evoke emotions and bring light into your life? Come and get to know Osnat Zilbershtein’s unique jewelry world!

Osnat, a talented jewelry designer, creates unique jewelry by hand that combines spectacular designs, ancient and authentic designs made from high quality materials and meticulously handmade.

Special Gold Jewelry – Important Gold Concepts You Must Know

The world of gold is rich and diverse and includes many concepts that are important to know before buying jewelry or investing in the precious metal. Here are some of the most important concepts:


A karat is a unit of measurement used to determine the purity of gold. Sometimes pure gold (24 Karats) is too soft to use in jewelry and therefore it is customary to alloy – mix – with other metals. The higher the level of caratsin the alloy, the higher the percentage of pure gold and the more expensive the price of the jewelry will be.

Numbers such as 10k, 18k and 24k indicates the degree of purity of gold in the jewel, the karat. Hence the abbreviation “k”.

Gold marked as 24k is gold with a purity level of 100% (also known as fine gold), gold marked as 18k is gold with a purity level of 75%, gold marked with 14k has a purity level of 58.3% and 10k has a purity level of 41.7%.

Gold color:

Gold, the precious and shiny metal, is best known for its familiar yellow color. But the world of gold color is much wider and more diverse, offering fascinating shades for every taste and style.

The color of gold is influenced by the metals used in the alloy:

Yellow gold It is the most common gold color obtained through the alloy of gold with copper and silver.

White gold is a fashionable and modern color achieved through an alloy of gold with nickel, platinum or zinc.

Red gold: It is a warm and rich color that is achieved through the alloy of gold with copper.

Rose gold is a delicate and feminine color achieved through an alloy of gold with copper and silver.

Green gold is a unique and special color achieved through an alloy of gold with silver and cadmium.

Stamp: Quality mark and ID card:

The stamp is a special mark stamped on solid gold jewelry, a stamp attesting to the purity of gold. The stamp is important both in terms of the quality of the jewelry and its value.

There are different types of seals:

A karat stamp displays the karat number of gold. For example, the stamp “18k” indicates a purity of 18 karat gold, which contains 75% pure gold.

Many manufacturers put their unique stamp on their jewelry. This stamp can help identify the manufacturer and ensure the quality of the jewelry.

Assay stamp: This stamp is stamped by an authorized body attesting to the purity of gold. The Assay stamp is considered particularly reliable and guarantees the quality of the jewelry.

Types of jewelry

Jewelry is not only fashionable accessories, but also a way to express our personality, add a unique touch to any appearance and preserve precious memories. The world of jewelry is rich and varied and offers many types and styles for every taste and style such as earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and more.

Gold Price:

The price of gold is determined by supply and demand in the global market and is also influenced by factors such as the price of oil, interest rates, inflation, and political and economic events.

Gold necklaces

What makes a piece of jewelry into special gold jewelry?

A piece of jewelry can become a special piece of jewelry in different ways.

Artisan jewelry with a unique design:

Artisan jewelry with a special and unique design are not only fashionable accessories, but a work of art that tell a story and evoke emotions.

Original and one-time design:

Jewelry with original design which are not mass-produced jewelry but are handmade by goldsmith with attention to every detail. As a result, each piece of jewelry is unique and bears theartist’s personal stamp. Jewelry with an original and creative design are handmade jewelry that offer a unique design that is not available in regular jewelry.

Special materials:

The use of unusual materials such as natural and rare stones or special metals give the jewelry a unique and interesting look. Jewelry made from quality materials such as pure gold and precious gemstones meticulously handmade will be more durable over time and will preserve their beauty.

Special processing techniques:

Using ancient or innovative techniques, such as setting special gemstones, delicate engraving or casting unique metal, gives the jewelry a unique and professional look.

Custom-made jewelry:

Jewelry tailored to your unique taste and style will be more special. In each piece of jewelry you can add unique elements such as special engraving, choose favorite gemstones or design a custom piece of jewelry.


Handmade gold jewelry ensures that each piece of jewelry is unique and original, that you will never meet a piece identical to yours. In handmade jewelry, the designer’s handprint is evident in the jewelry, a factor that adds exclusivity and uniqueness to the jewelry.

Handmade jewelry is a great way to express the personality of the wearer, they express their personal style. Even if you prefer delicate jewelry or jewelry with a bolder design, with handmade jewelry you can always find your favorite style.

In conclusion, special gold jewelry are a very valuable asset. They combine high quality, personal expression, emotional value and a work of art.


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