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How to keep gold jewelry for a long time

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Gold jewelry is more than just fashionable accessories. They carry a rich sentimental meaning, are inherited from generation to generation and commemorate special moments in our lives. But like anything valuable, gold jewelry requires proper care and maintenance to maintain beauty and shine over time.

You have purchased a valuable piece of jewelry, your next task is to take care of it in your daily routine.

The first step to maintaining gold jewelry is to purchase quality gold jewelry

Shop from a well-known and reputable gold jeweler. Make sure you accept warranty for the jewelry.

Check the quality of gold. Quality gold jewelry will be made of pure gold or real gold (not plating) with a high degree of purity.

Pay attention to the processing of jewelry. Quality gold jewelry will be processed accurately and delicately.

Purchasing quality gold jewelry will ensure that it will last for a long time and preserve its beauty and texture.

Osnat Zilbershtein designs special, original and comfortable jewelry. Jewelry that you can wear for many years. In any style and in any look they will always give a special touch to any occasion.

Who are the silent enemies of gold jewelry and what are the factors that can harm them?

Gold is a noble metal, but at low karts (e.g. 9k) it may oxidize slightly over time. This process causes the formation of a dark layer on the surface of the jewelry, a layer that causes it to lose its shine.

Gold jewelry may scratch over time, especially if used regularly. These scratches give the jewelry character and authenticity.

Gold jewelry can be damaged by exposure to chemicals such as chlorine, bleach and cleaning products. These materials may cause the jewelry to fade and even damage its structure.

Proper care of gold jewelry can prevent the negative effects of time and environment and keep them beautiful and shiny for years. This includes regular cleaning, proper storage and professional repairs if necessary.

How to preserve gold jewelry over time – The quick guide for proper care of gold jewelry

Gold jewelry is a long-term investment, but it requires proper care and maintenance to preserve the beauty and shine over time. In order for you to enjoy the shine and glamour of your gold jewelry for many years to come, it is important to follow a few simple rules for proper storage, cleanliness and use. This will prevent oxidative damage, scratches and wear that can damage the spectacular appearance of your favorite jewelry.


Store each piece of jewelry separately. Use soft padded jewelry boxes or separate cloth bags to prevent scratches and friction between jewelry. It is highly recommended to keep the jewelry in its original box.

Avoid storing gold jewelry along with jewelry made of other materials. For example, storing gold jewelry together with silver jewelry may cause both to turn black.

Necklaces, especially with long and thin chains, are recommended to be hung to avoid knots.


Clean your gold jewelry regularly as needed periodically at least once a year.

Soak jewelry in warm water with a little dish soap and gently clean it with a soft, damp cloth. If dirt builds up in the grooves, clean gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean gold jewelry. These substances can damage gold and cause it to lose its shine.

Gold jewelry set with stones can be gently cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in lukewarm water. Avoid using chemicals to clean these jewelry.

Remove the earrings from the ear and clean the secretions that have accumulated on the sphincter with alcohol.


Remove your gold jewelry before going to bed, showering, or swimming. These actions can cause gold to blacken or scratch. Jewelry that is regularly exposed to soap, chlorine, and other chemicals can lose its natural shine due to the accumulation of layers of soap or dirt on the jewelry.

A daily beauty routine and applying various creams can leave greasy stains on gold and gemstones.

Remove your gold jewelry before doing extensive exercise. This activity may cause jewelry to break or warp.

Avoid touching the jewelry with perfume, the perfume can damage the jewelry, especially the gemstones. It is recommended to wear perfume before wearing the jewelry.

When purchasing the jewelry, ask for detailed instructions on how to maintain it. Each type of jewelry and each type of gemstone has a preferred way that will maintain the look and shine over time. Do not hesitate to ask for precise instructions on how to clean the jewelry, how to store it and more.

In conclusion,

Gold jewelry is a precious treasure, both sentimentally and economically. Proper preservation of them will allow you to enjoy them for many years and preserve their beauty and shine. Be sure to store your jewelry correctly, clean it regularly, and use it carefully. And note, it is important to treat each piece of jewelry according to the type of gold from which it is made and the nature of the gemstones embedded in it.


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