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Jewelry Design

jewelry design

Jewelry are small items often made from expensive materials that serve as fashionable accessories to complete the look and add a touch of luxury, glamour or uniqueness. They can be simple or complex, subtle or bold and they express a wide range of meanings, from social status to religious beliefs.

Jewelry design is a fascinating art that combines creativity, skill and artistic eye. Whether it is gold, silver or precious stones, wearing jewelry allows us to express ourselves and emphasize our personality and personal style.

Osnat Zilbershtein creates, jewels and designs jewelry,  drawing inspiration from ancient cultures and adding her personal style out of a connection to contemporary designs and times gone by.

Osnat’s jewelry are handmade from 22 karat gold, 24 karat gold, silver and stones in various styles. Each piece of jewelry is a unique piece of jewelry, a piece that will differentiate you and give you the opportunity to look and feel special.

Jewelry Design Process: From Sketch to Reality

Jewelry design is a complex creative process that combines ideas, materials, techniques and skill. The process usually begins with an idea, inspiration or a desire to fulfill a specific need. The jewelry designer will observe the world around him, explore current trends and connect with his emotions and imagination.

Jewelry design – main stages in the jewelry design process:

Stage 1 – Developing an idea:

Developing an idea is the first and most important step in the jewelry design process. At this stage, the jewelry designer lays the foundations for the whole process, from the general concept to the small details.

Jewelry designers can find inspiration in many sources, ancient cultures, culture, nature, artwork, contemporary fashion trends, and sometimes even everyday life.

After finding initial inspiration, it is important to research the idea in depth. You can visit museums, read books and articles, browse jewelry catalogues and more.

Step 2 – Selection of materials and techniques

The choice of materials is the basis of jewelry and the techniques are the ways in which they can be designed and processed. The correct choice of materials and techniques is important not only aesthetically, but also functionally and durably.

The most common materials in jewelry design are gold, silver, platinum, copper, bronze, stainless steel and more, with each type of metal having unique properties such as color, hardness and durability that affect the design of the jewelry.

The most common stones in jewelry design are Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, Robins, Pearls alongside gemstones such as Ruby, Topaz, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Opal, Perhenite beads and more.

Stage 3 – Common jewelry design techniques

Throughout history, many different techniques have developed for processing materials and creating beautiful and special jewelry. The choice of the right technique and stones depends on several factors such as style, functionality, target audience and more.

Special jewelry design
Special jewelry design

Here are some of the common techniques in jewelry design:


Flattening is an ancient technique in which soft metal is knocked with a hammer to shape it into the desired shape. This technique is used to create a wide variety of shapes from simple coins to intricate jewelry.


Polishing is the process of smoothing the surface of metal using sandpaper or a polishing wheel. The polishing gives the jewelry a shiny and smooth look.


Soldering is a common technique in jewelry design used to connect two metal parts to each other. This technique is used to connect small, delicate parts like beads or precious stones.


Engraving is the creation of decorations on the surface of metal using engraving tools. This technique is used to add unique decorations to jewelry.

Common stone setting techniques:

Stone house setting is a classic method in which precious stones or gemstones are fixed in a closed metal frame. This technique allows for a strong and firm fixation of the stones.

Bead weaving – creating jewelry from a combination of beads of different types of stones. The choice of beads suitable for the jewelry depends on the style of the jewelry – classic, modern, bohemian and more, the functionality and use of the jewelry – everyday jewelry, jewelry for special occasions, fashionable jewelry and more and the target audience.

What are the top trends in jewelry design in 2024?

Ethnic and urban influences

A trend of combining elements of different ancient cultures, symbolic patterns and traditional items into contemporary designs while creating a unique design language.

Unique gemstones

Search for unique stones, unusual colors and special effects in the natural stones.

Minimalist and simple design

Another trend is minimalist jewelry design with clean lines, geometric shapes or sharp lines, with an emphasis on small details. This design emphasizes classiness and cleanliness while maintaining personal expression and uniqueness.

Demand for Jewish jewelry

The year 2024 is characterized as a period of uncertainty and non-security. During this period, there is a growing demand for jewelry with Jewish symbols such as the Star of David, Hamsa and others.


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