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How to keep gold jewelry for a long time

Gold jewelry is more than just fashionable accessories. They carry a rich sentimental meaning, are inherited from generation to generation and commemorate special moments in our lives. But like anything valuable, gold jewelry requires proper care and maintenance to maintain beauty and shine over time. You have purchased a valuable piece of jewelry, your next task is to take care

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Choosing the perfect jewelry

Choosing the perfect gold jewelry

Sparkling diamonds, delicate pearls, colorful gemstones – the world of jewelry is seductive and full of charm. Jewelry is not only a fashionable accessory, but also a personal expression, a symbol of social status, a precious memory or an exciting gift. But with the abundance of options, choosing the perfect piece of jewelry can be a challenging task. With the

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Gold rings with gemstones

Gold rings with gemstones

Gold rings with gemstones are a prestigious and sought-after product that combines beauty, shine and spectacular color. Since the beginning of human civilization, these rings have symbolized love, loyalty and social status and have become a respectable status symbol. Nowadays, gold rings with gemstones are considered not only a valuable jewel, but also a fashionable and artistic expression of personal

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jewelry design

Jewelry Design

Jewelry are small items often made from expensive materials that serve as fashionable accessories to complete the look and add a touch of luxury, glamour or uniqueness. They can be simple or complex, subtle or bold and they express a wide range of meanings, from social status to religious beliefs. Jewelry design is a fascinating art that combines creativity, skill

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Hammered 22k gold hoop earrings

Gold hoop-style earrings

Gold hoop earrings are classic and timeless jewelry, jewelry that is loved by women of all ages and cultures. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles and can be adapted to any occasion and any personal style. Hoop earrings have been around for thousands of years and have been found in archaeological finds around the world.

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Large Gold Rings

Large Gold Rings

Large gold rings are a fashion trend that has gained momentum in recent years. They offer a bold and chic statement and upgrade every appearance with ease. This trend attracts women of all ages and styles and allows them to express their unique personality through one piece of jewelry. Large gold rings are suitable for any woman who wants to

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Table with Styled Rows
Ring Diameter [mm] US Size European Size Israeli Size
14.65 3.75 46 6
14.97 4 47 7
15.3 4.5 48 8
15.6 5 49 9
15.9 5.25 50 10
16.24 5.5 51 11
16.5 6 52 12
16.8 6.25 53 13
17.2 7 54 14
17.5 7.25 55 15
17.8 7.5 56 16
18.1 8 57 17
18.4 8.25 58 18
18.8 8.5 59 19
19.1 9 60 20
19.4 9.25 61 21
19.7 9.5 62 22
20 10.25 63 23
20.3 10.5 64 24
20.7 11 65 25
21.02 11.5 66 26
21.34 12 67 27
21.66 12.25 68 28
21.97 12.5 69 29
22.29 13 70 30

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