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“A true design work must move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and go against…” (Alberto Alessi)

My name is Osnat, and I’ve been creating jewelry since 1992. As a goldsmith and jewelry designer I draw on my childhood memories and inspirations from ancient, ethnic and tribal jewelry  cultures, injecting my own sense of style while maintaining a connection to rustic designs of times long gone.

I believe my customers are looking for exactly that – a unique reminder of childhood and nostalgic quality of ancient times.

Each piece of my 22k and 24k gold jewelry in my shop is one of a kind and completely handcrafted, using primarily 24 karat gold and sterling silver skillfully integrated with precious and semi-precious stones. I especially enjoy working with pure gold because of its softness and warm yellow color, I’m certain is what also attracted the designers of the ancient cultures that I emulate.

The raw sensuality of the materials that I choose connects my unique creations to those authentic ancient designers, and, in turn, each piece I create inspires the next piece. I very much enjoy this creative process and am grateful for the opportunity to share it with others.

My uniquely jewelry can be found in leading galleries as well as in my personal studio.

I hope you enjoy browsing my store, and that you find a special piece that inspires you as much as it did me.

Osnat Zilbershtein

Photo by Elad Ackerman

Home » About Me

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