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Enhance your personality with my
handmade 22k and 24k gold jewelry.
My designs are inspired by ancient cultures,
combining gold, gemstones and silver.

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Osnat - Jewelry designer who weaves magic from raw materials

Within the variety of jewelers, Osnat, a gold jewelry designer, stands out. Her collection that combine gold, silver and gemstones is a unique work of art created and imagined.

Osnat is not only a jewelry designer, she is an artist. She draws inspiration from her travels around the world, nature and ancient cultures and creates jewelry with a personal statement and a unique style. Each item in her work is made with love and care using high quality materials and traditional handmade techniques.

Whether you are looking for a special gift for a loved one or a special addition to your jewelry collection, Osnat offers you a whole world of creativity and magic.

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Here at my fine-jewelry shop I feature unique 24k gold jewelry, 22k gold and sterling silver jewelry adorned with a variety of precious gemstones.
All my pieces are personally designed and hand made by me. My style reflecting the influence of approaches and ethnic cultures. I draw inspiration from nature walk and spending time in museums.

The items in my shop are handmade, each being unique one-of-a-kind.

Each one of my jewelry has its own pretense and statement and will be a refreshing addition to your jewelry collection or an original exciting present to your love ones.

I hope you have fun browsing through my diverse collection.

I ship all items with DHL for quick and reliable delivery. Please note that some countries will require you to pay extra customs fees.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.


what customer's are saying

Gold Pendant
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"Exceptional piece! This reminds me of something I would admire in a museum, but not be able to touch! Great communication! Amazingly fast shipping and delivery!."
Beads and gold necklaces
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"A necklace made of dewdrops, light green leaves and golden sunrays to let me feel the summer!! Stunning work, Osnat, I am so happy that this necklace finally found its way to me. As always brilliant communication, beautiful wrapping and super speedy delivery. Thanks a lot!!!"
Red gold pendant of silver necklace
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"Wonderful summer necklace in fascinating Tourmalin colours with a magic olive quartz pendant wrapped in gold. Just a summer dream made by a great and very friendly artist. Thanks a lot, Osnat!"
Hammered gold earrings
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"These earrings are gorgeous. They are beautifully made and light weight. The work on these earrings is very impressive. I hesitated because of the price but am thrilled that I decided to get them. They are well worth the price. Shipping was great. The seller was very nice. I would not hesitate to buy from her again."
Face gold and silver necklace
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"I can’t get over these little people! They are so expressive, Andy look great together, Osnat has been fantastic helping he decide and adjusting the necklace length so they all work. This is a great shop and a very talented artist!❤️"
Bird gold ring
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"Against the sky Birds disappear, reappear. This bird disappears, reappears Against the gold. Omiya’s work has soul. 🙏 ❤️"
Gold and silver earrings
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"The earrings that I received for my birthday were flawless. The design, the materials and the craftsmanship were breathtaking. Combined with the personalized customer service, I could not be happier with my experience with this gifted artist."
Hammered gold and silver bracelet
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"Omiya’s jewelry making is lovely and she is very nice to work with. She has a big variety of unique creations. This bracelet is like no other I have seen and just as in the picture. It is 22k textured gold and an oxidized chain. It’s fun to wear every day or to dress up an outfit. I’m happy with my purchase."
Red gold earrings
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"First of all, the shipping is amazingly fast. From Israel to the US in 5 days?! The earrings are beautiful, tribal yet elegant."
Gold hoop earrings
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"A fine set of earrings which will please my daughter who loves smaller jewelry. They are very well made and attractive. This shop has lots of inventory, and reflects the skill of the jeweler. Highly recommended. Thank you!!"

Osnat Zilbershtein's jewelry: personal expression, creativity and emotion

For me, jewelry is much more than complementary accessories, Osnat says, it is an authentic expression of personality, creativity and emotion. I find inspiration in every corner of the world: in the spectacular nature, in diverse cultures and in special life stories. Each item I create is unique and special, it bears my personal mark and gives a unique expression to who I am.

It is important to me that my jewelry be not only beautiful and of high quality, but also have deep meaning. I believe that every piece of jewelry can tell a story, convey a message and express deep emotions. A piece of jewelry can be a perfect gift, an expression of love, appreciation and friendship that will last forever and remind you of the special moment.

Creating is my passion. I enjoy every moment of the process, from the initial flash of an idea to the final polishing of the finished jewelry. I find great satisfaction in seeing people wear my jewelry, enjoy it and feel its uniqueness.

My world is a world of jewelry, a world of creativity, personal expression and emotional connection. I invite you to join me on a magical journey and discover the perfect jewelry for you.


From the Heart to the Hand: The Journey of Jewelry Creation as Personal Expression

The journey of creating jewelry begins with choosing the materials, Osnat says. I use pure 24k gold, 22k gold, silver and precious and semi-precious gemstones. After choosing the materials, I start sketching and designing the jewelry. Next, I create the handmade jewelry using traditional techniques such as casting, stamping, soldering and polishing. Each item I create is unique jewelry, special, exclusive and bears my personal stamp.

My collection includes a wide range of jewelry, from gold earrings and rings to gold necklaces and pendants. The collection includes classic and timeless jewelry as well as contemporary and trendy jewelry. My jewelry is not only beautiful items, it also has a personal statement. I combine symbols and motifs from different worlds in my works and create jewelry with deep meaning.

I believe that jewelry can be the perfect gift for yourself or any loved one. The jewelry is an expression of love, appreciation and friendship. I really enjoy creating jewelry and helping people find the perfect piece for them.

Why should you also purchase Osnat Zilbershtein jewelry?

  • Osnat uses pure gold and quality materials only and focuses on meticulous and precise handwork
  • Each piece of jewelry is made with love and attention to detail using unique techniques
  • Long-lasting jewelry has a perfect finish and design uniqueness
  • Osnat’s jewelry will make every appearance special and impressive and will earn you many compliments
  • Buying Osnat’s jewelry is a great way to pamper yourself or the people close to you
Vintage gold rings

Osnat's jewelry is more than just another piece of jewelry

Osnat is a jewelry designer with a unique style that combines a whole world of inspiration and imagination in her work.
Each piece of jewelry is a small work of art, the fruit of Osnat’s creativity that cannot be duplicated.
Wearing Osnat’s jewelry guarantees a special and impressive appearance that will make you stand out from the audience.
I invite you to join me on this magical journey, discover my jewelry world and find the perfect item for you. A piece of jewelry that will express your personality, give you self-confidence and be a constant reminder of special moments in your life.

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Table with Styled Rows
Ring Diameter [mm] US Size European Size Israeli Size
14.65 3.75 46 6
14.97 4 47 7
15.3 4.5 48 8
15.6 5 49 9
15.9 5.25 50 10
16.24 5.5 51 11
16.5 6 52 12
16.8 6.25 53 13
17.2 7 54 14
17.5 7.25 55 15
17.8 7.5 56 16
18.1 8 57 17
18.4 8.25 58 18
18.8 8.5 59 19
19.1 9 60 20
19.4 9.25 61 21
19.7 9.5 62 22
20 10.25 63 23
20.3 10.5 64 24
20.7 11 65 25
21.02 11.5 66 26
21.34 12 67 27
21.66 12.25 68 28
21.97 12.5 69 29
22.29 13 70 30

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